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Cyborg Card

Click the card to Zoom!

Except for its cost, instructions written on the card is only used for the board game. Check the web/mobile game stats for other purpose.

What's the Cyborg?

He use to be an human... An antenna onto his head to ear and see things a normal human cannot, implanted glasses to see and feel, robotic arms which fire, bio-mechanic legs to move faster. He use to be a human...

Ingame Bonus

Increase your chances to succeed higher level missions! - 1.00% per level!

Web / Mobile Game Stats

Hit speed
Attack every 0.60 sec
Damage per second
Hit points
Attack Range
4.0 square(s) away
Move Speed
1.10 square(s) / sec
Ground + Air

Cyborg, the Background Story

The Cyborg used to be a human… With an antenna on his head from ear to ear, the Cyborg can see and hear things a normal human cannot, implanted glasses to see and feel, robotic arms that fire, biomechanical legs to move faster. He used to be a human...

As a result of a horrible car accident, a football star was severely damaged and at the brink of death...

A medical institution stepped in, not with the best intentions and after several surgeries they managed to turn it almost completely into a killing machine. Only the heart, with no emotions was left of him.

He has now become the most persistent enemy of humanity.


Statistical analysis, juggling and can open any bottle with his teeth.

Favorite crypto-currency

Paxos Standard (PAX) because it’s almost like the US Dollar, it is backed 1:1 for the dollar and it’s issued by the Paxos Trust Company, so the funds are carefully protected, audited and regulated following the ERC-20 protocol.

Favorite hobbies

Dinosaurs (how could they be real?), the children of Ilúvatar and frog dissections.

Favorite phrase

"Is an unbreakable toy useful to break other toys?"


Story of Cyborg

Game Tricks

Ready to learn game tricks around the Cyborg Card? Coming soon!

In real life, what's Cyborg

A cyborg is usually a living organism, human or part human, at least has the psychological and physiological processes, and part machine with mechanical and electronic devices either augmented or with bionic parts.

An organism with guns.

Cyborgs are common in Sci-Fi movies like Terminator, where the cyborg comes from the future to kill the inventor of cyborgs and we can see how these robots can evolve with more artificial implants and materials.

But others suggest that we already have cyborgs amongst us, since we consider it an organism with mechanical implants, one could argue that a heart implant or an insulin pump is such a mechanical device. Therefore humanity is already evolving, using its surroundings to improve themselves.


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