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AstroGirl Card

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Except for its cost, instructions written on the card is only used for the board game. Check the web/mobile game stats for other purpose.

What's the AstroGirl?

The AstroGirl is a beautiful and crazy Astrophysicist ! Thanks to her Graviton Canon, she can pull and push her enemies !

Ingame Bonus

Increase the chances to discover bonus in missions! - 1.00% per level!

Web / Mobile Game Stats

Hit speed
Attack every 1.60 sec
Damage per second
Hit points
Attack Range
5.0 square(s) away
Move Speed
1.00 square(s) / sec
Ground + Air

AstroGirl, die Hintergrundgeschichte

The Astrogirl is a beautiful and crazy Astrophysicist! Thanks to her Graviton Cannon, she can pull and push her enemies! 

Princess Angela Bonnot the 113th of the islands of the Blessed, also known as Astrogirl is the most beautiful and weird person you will ever meet. She has all these amazing ideas, most of them are wrong of course, but as a Princess that had to do nothing for 18 years, she learned a trick or two...

Then she studied astrophysics because she loved the stars, chemistry and physics, put them all together and you can study the whole, amazing space, from the death of the stars, to the birth of them. 

On one of her travels to study a black hole, she managed to conceal a small quantity of dark matter. Back home she locked herself in her tower for months until she was able to create a very wild, crazy and killer weapon; the Graviton Cannon

It doesn’t matter what kind of armour or heavy machinery you have, this cannon will make gravity around you disappear so she can do whatever she fancies, pull you, push you, throw you away… 

Whatever you do, just don’t invite her a drink.


Fourth-sight, that is, she has thoughts about the thoughts she has about the thoughts she has about the thoughts she has. Great initiative and some amazing melée combat techniques

Favorite crypto-currency

Blockchain Cuties Token (CUTE) because puppies!! Crypto-collectible!! It’s an amazing and very cute online game with a multi-blockchain collectible game with lots of adventures and things to do!

Favorite hobbies

Symbiotic, spiritual link with the earth, Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin Bifur, Bofur, Bombur & Thorin, and just being awesome!

Favorite phrase

“I should have learned this, she thought. I wanted to learn fire, and pain, but I should have learned people.” 

Tiffany Aching, I Shall Wear Midnight. Terry Pratchett.


Story of AstroGirl