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Blogger Card

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Except for its cost, instructions written on the card is only used for the board game. Check the web/mobile game stats for other purpose.

What's the Blogger?

The Blogger is a small pretty girl who move very fast and hit her enemies with her keyboard!

Ingame Bonus

Increase your Jobs' earnings! - 0.50% per level!

Web / Mobile Game Stats

Hit speed
Attack every 0.90 sec
Damage per second
Hit points
Attack Range
1.0 square(s) away
Move Speed
1.50 square(s) / sec

Blogger, die Hintergrundgeschichte

The in-famous Blogger is a small pretty girl who moves very fast and hits her enemies with her Cherry keyboard, she’s always saying: "Yes, I prefer my old Cherry keyboard to write posts to attack you, so what??"

It is said that she was born in Persépolis, where she started writing articles about the Achaemenid Empire directly in stone! Great part of the architectural walls were actually written by her. 

She has created a powerful firewall around her so we are not completely sure, but all IP addresses indicate she is now hiding in the Palace of Darius where she has built incredible machinery that helps her forge very deadly articles and kiss-notes. 

Each blog post can kill many enemies if written correctly. She writes, if she stops, she’ll die. 

She is always preparing her next blog post so she can kill enemies faster, she is always the first! Wherever she is in the Crypto-World, she will always find a WiFi signal or create her own, and kill her enemies with her Shakesperean death notes.

"Yes, I prefer my old Cherry keyboard to write posts to attack you, so what??"


She is always the first one to start, she is just so quick she writes above 1200 characters per minute! She's like The Flash, if the Flash was living in Crypto-World, and his ability was to write but the Blogger, she just kills with her kind words

Favorite crypto-currency

“I like Bitcoin (BTC) because it was the first, kind of mysterious, leader of the whole Crypto-World. It will always be the king of cryptos!”

Favorite hobbies

Samurai sword collecting, donating blood and having Balrogs as pets.

Favorite phrase

“Why are ballerinas always on tip-toes? Shouldn't they consider hiring taller women?”

Story of Blogger


Ready to learn game tricks around the Blogger Card? Coming soon!

Was ist im wirklichen Leben? Blogger

A blogger is a person that creates content regularly for our consumption. Usually in the shape of articles, a blogger writes and writes and creates content that inspire, motivate, defame, etc., but it is not just writing anymore.

They can talk about any of their passions like recipes, how-to’s, crafts, clothes, swimming, politics, religion, fitness, beer, games, gaming, watching gamers, anything you can imagine, there is already a blogger writing about it, and if not, what are you waiting for?

A blogger needs to understand how to captivate people and keep bringing them on their blog so they need to learn SEO or search engine optimization, they need to understand analytics and see how many people arrive, how many leave without noticing, what content is more relevant than others, etc.

Bloggers also know about online marketing because that is their basic revenue model and have an email subscription service to create newsletters.

So basically, a blogger is someone with a variety of skills with an online platform and a passion about something.