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Bots Card

Click the card to Zoom!

Except for its cost, instructions written on the card is only used for the board game. Check the web/mobile game stats for other purpose.

What's the Bots?

The Bots are 3 creatures that looks like spiders. They will move very fast everywhere in the field and will fire to their enemies!

Ingame Bonus

Reduce the frequency of the antibot check. - 0.25% per level!

Web / Mobile Game Stats

Hit speed
Attack every 0.50 sec
Damage per second
Hit points
Attack Range
5.0 square(s) away
Move Speed
1.80 square(s) / sec

Bots, los Antecedentes

The Bots are 3 creatures that look like spiders. They will move very fast everywhere in the field and will fire their enemies!

The Bots were created by the cyber-police in an attempt to ensure people’s wellness. They thought that if they created tiny robots that could help them police, then the world could be a safer place.

They thought wrong.

They were created so intelligent, so hard to kill, so quick, so advanced… that when they saw what was happening in the world, they decided They should apply justice themselves

Don't mess with them, Bots are searching for everything, including conflicts...


Leadership, pub-brawls and pub-crawls.

Favorite crypto-currency

Robotina ROX because of its ROX Universe platform which connects IoT with artificial intelligence and blockchain to deliver smart contracts through anonymous, encrypted transactions.

Favorite hobbies

Stalking celebrities, Minas Tirith and making art out of matches.

Favorite phrase

“Why do 24/7 open shops have locks in their doors?”


Story of Bots

Trucos del Juego

Ready to learn game tricks around the Bots Card? Coming soon!

En la vida real, ¿cuál es Bots

An internet robot, or bot is basically just a program that handles repetitive stuff on the internet and is a lot quicker than the human being.

It is usually a simple automated software that will perform certain internet interactions without the need of human touch, without even the need of a real browser and can do tasks such as fill in questionnaires, download data, understand questions, retrieve same information like comments or reactions, etc. From this, we can categorize different type of bots:

Chatbots: usually programmed with AI, these robots or programs are created to help understand a user’s need in a chat and translate it into relevant information or a solution to their problems.

Social bots: from retrieving data and information from users, to actually interact and help maximize or minimize a discussion on a certain topic.

Web-crawlers: they perform certain actions like go to this page, then click here and when you find the data, retrieve it so I can make use of it later.

Spam bots: usually a mixture of web-crawlers with other actions, they usually perform actions on internet pages to retrieve sensitive information by using different credentials to access websites and then download their information, usually not for good purposes.


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