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Goodbye Old Crypto Mining Game Logo! READY FOR V2.1 - Part 1

Goodbye Old Crypto Mining Game Logo! READY FOR V2.1 - Part 1

Publicado en Jun 08, 2020

Let's say Goodbye to our fancy old logo of Crypto Mining Game! What comes in the V2.1 - Part 1!

Hi Dear Players!

It's been a while I want to do that. As you surely have noticed, the old logo of Crypto Mining Game was really, really no longer consistent with the current Sci-Fi direction of the game!

That's why, after more than 2 years, please let's say together "Goodbye Old Crypto Mining Game Logo"! In the same time, we have decided to unified Crypto Mining Game and Crypto Mining War by using the Crypto Mining War logo almost everyone know now!

Ready for Crypto Mining Game V2.1?

Crypto Mining Game V2.1 will be released on 7th, July 2020 (yer, 4 weeks from now!). Here is a quick tour of what you can expect from this update :

Collect items and other stuff with your Drones!

Keep exploring the Crypto-World and Collect amazing amount of items and stuff! When your drones will be sent to empty place in the Crypto-World, they'll find usefull (or not) items! What kind of items? Anything! Everything! Batteries, Watches, screws even spoons, why not?! Flash drives or phones with mysterious content? Energy drink? Beer, chocolate or donuts? I let you imagine! An idea of item you want to find? Share your ideas on our Discord Channel!

Inventory CMG

But what will you do with all these stuff?? First, you can try to use it of course! (What effect do you think an energy drink will have? ;) ). For other purpose, let's find out right below! ;)

Head to your workshop!

As you can see in your current Inventory (button near your avatar), There's now a section "Ressources & Items".

The Recycling Station


In CMG V2.1, in addition of items there will be 3 main ressources : Metal, Plastic and Glass! In order to get those usefull ressources, you will have to... Recycle! Thanks to your Recycling Station, recycle items and stuff in usefull ressources!

Improve your Drones and Buildings!

In CMG V2.1, you will be able to improve your Drones in many ways:

  • Upgrade the Engines and increase the speed of missions!
  • Upgrade the sensors and increase the chance to spy and find rare items in missions!
  • Upgrade the storage to be able to bring bigger items in missions!

Required ressources to upgrade will be various like main ressources, wires, electronics parts and more!

Improve your Buildings!

In CMG V2.1, you will be able to improve your Main Buildings : Mining Pool and Firewalls! They will then defend in Battle dealing damages to your opponents cards in Crypto Mining War Battlefield!

Mining Pool upgrades will also increase your CGT Mining Rate! Firewalls? Protect you even more against spy attempts!


I hope and think this will be an interesting update! Not everything has been said in this news, more infos to come! And for those who have read it till the end, here are 2 "little" secrets:

Meanwhile the development of CMG V2.1, meaning very soon; 1- You will be able to withdraw CGT! 2-Smart contracts is under dev for the Crypto-Collectible Cards (ERC721 NFT) ! ;)

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, CMG Owner.

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