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CMG V2 News and Welcome to the new card!

CMG V2 News and Welcome to the new card!

Publié le Jul 23, 2019

Hi guys! Welcome to the new Cyborg card! Check this news to see what will change with the new CMG V2 to come

Hi Guys! It's been a while we have not post a news on CMG! Here are some pretty news about what's coming soon!

Welcome to the Cyborg!

The Cyborg use to be an humain. He has an antenna onto his head to ear and see things a normal human cannot. He wear glasses where is put an electronic stuff on the right of it. His right arm is robotic and can fire. His legs are replaced with biomechanic legs making him moving very fast !

Start to collect Cyborg Card in Mission! Cyborg card will also give you ingame bonus in CMG V2, more info soon!

What's change in V2?

CMG V2 will be a major change in Crypto Mining Game way of play! Here you can see some major changes and improvements that will come with this version :

New Design, UI and Ads System

As CMG is more and more a Full Web Game, Design had to be improved! Website look will be updated to really looks like a SciFi Game!

UI System will be improved, there will be less page reload and more dynamic actions, this way users will be less penalized by Ads loading and Pop ads.

Ads has already been lowered in the current website. It will be the same for CMG V2 because we think it's more important that the players can navigate freely in the website to play and not to be annoyed by too many Ads! So game will be more fun to play with less Ads and Definitively No Longer any suspicious Ads or "almost" erotic ads not suitable for children and work, we have never and don't want these kind of Ads anymore. If you could still see tendentious ads in CMG, please contact us on our Patreon Page to inform us and we will remove it -> https://www.patreon.com/cryptomininggame.

New Mining and Hpower System!!

Mining system will be strongly updated. Currently, you can get lifetime hpower until 1000. Hpower above that is set as a 1 year plan, meaning that after 1 year, plan is terminated and corresponding Hpower amount is removed from your balance without going under 1000.

It is certain that this is frustrating for users that spend a lot of time on CMG to wake up one day, come in the game and discover the hpower lost, even with rewards to compensate, it's not enough and I can understand that many users complaint about it.

That system was set to help regulate the balance between Revenue of the website and revenue given back to the users. CMG revenue is not infinite and it's normal to control that not to overpay the users.

So what will change in the new Mining System??

Preview of CMG V2 Mining page : https://postimg.cc/PCbBpg05

  • FIRST: All Hpower Plan will be refunded!! It means that all users will return back to their Full Hpower Level! (2000, 5000, 11287, whatever: refunded!)
  • We keep only the 6 main Crypto-currencies : BITCOIN, DOGECOIN, LITECOIN, DASH, ETHER and BITCOIN CASH. The 3 others will be removed and funds will be automatically converted to satoshi in your account. These 6 main crypto-currencies are easy to get and exchange, potcoin, bitcore and peercoin are not always easy to find and make us lost a lot of time. Be aware that a Brand New CMG Network Game will be released around Potcoin! More news soon about it. ;)
  • You will be able to mine these 6 currencies as usual with up to 1000 Hpower. In the same time, all your Hpower will be used to mine the New Crypto Mining Game ERC20 Token (based on Ethereum Network) (name stay a mystery ^^). With this token, you will be able to:
    1. Purchase ingame stuff (almost everything, including hpower),
    2. Withdraw it to your wallet or Deposit it in your CMG account (using MetaMask).
    3. Use it in the other CMG Network games to come, like Crypto Mining War between others!
    4. Send it to friends, family, etc. as they can use it in Crypto Mining Game for exemple!
    5. we are working on!
    6. Fortunately Exchange it against other Crypto-currencies or Money once it might be listed on exchange (Why not!!!)!

Our main goal is to make this token the most efficient and usefull as possible and of course it will evolve with your feedback and ideas, so don't hesitate to share ;)

A More Fair Rate System

From now, Rate System is definitively not cleared for you players. We have to manually change it depending on the Ads revenue and it make us lost time and, also, money. So we have decided that the Rates will be directly linked to the Ads revenue of CMG. We are working on algorithms that will calculate the whole revenue of CMG for the past 7 days, adjusted it with the Crypto-currencies/USD rate. Ads revenue will include Ads + ingame purchase and the amount of revenue share is not yet know but it will be around 80%.


I think it's already enough for this news, you will get more info about the CMG V2 in the next news, on Friday.

I remind you that, if you like the game, you can support us thanks to our Patreon page and get some fun rewards! Currently you can also win this Magical Bitcoin Playing Cards!

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game!

Jamboom, CMG owner.

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