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New Update v1.07! Introducting Crypto Coinz!

New Update v1.07! Introducting Crypto Coinz!

Pubblicato in Jan 09, 2019

In this new Update v1.07, we have introduce Crypto Coinz! New Gifts systems! Boost section updated!

What's Crypto Coinz?

In this new update, we have introducting a new currency : The Crypto Coinz! Crypto Coinz is, with the Crystal, one of the main currencies of the new MOBA game to come Crypto Mining War.

These Crypto Coinz are totally usefull for upgrading your cards! You are now able to find it in many different ways:

  • In missions: you will get a random amount of Crypto coinz, between 1 and the mission level. So for exemple, at mission 10, you will get at each mission claim, 1 to 10 Crypto Coinz. This amount is DOUBLED for the premium users!
  • In the chest you find in missions: Into silver chest: 1 to 100 Crypto Coinz, into gold chest: 2 to 200 Crypto Coinz and into Awesome Cards Chest: 300 to 1500 Crypto Coinz!
  • In the Boost page, getting it with your Crystals balance!

Basically, every existing users has received Crypto Coinz amount corresponding to their HPOWer multiplied by 10.

We had to make this update in order to continue to link the Crypto Mining Game Website with the Crypto Mining War game we are working on! ;)

Of course, in the next weeks, we will check the given Crypto Coinz amount to control if everything is right balanced.

New Gifts System

We know that Gift section has not been updated since a while and giving always Steam Cards are not really interresting for everyone. In addition, Steam cards delivery is hard to manage for us.

With this new System, giving mainly ingame gift, we are now able to automatize the process and so, within the next days, there will be, at least, 1 gift per day, and more!

All the users that have already won a Steam card will be rewarded soon with something else! we are currently thinking on how to proceed. With our apologies for the delay.

Boost section updated!

Almost all offers in the Boost section are now unlimited! You will be able to get 1 limited offer per day, like the cards and the headline offer! You can also, as saying before, get Crypto Coinz in the Boost section using your Crystals.

What's next?

Currently we are mainly working on the KickStarter project we will launch very soon!! Hopefully next week, if we have all the needed elements! We will very soon create a dedicated part of the website to the Game Crypto Mining War, where you will be able to check the game development progression, see some elements of the game, and follow the KickStarter project! We really believe on this project and we hope that you too!

Thank you all for your support and, really, have fun in the game as much as possible, that's what we are working for!

Wish you the best!

Jamboom, CMG Owner.

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