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How to Add Custom ERC20 Token to MetaTrader4

How to add custom ERC20 Token to MetaTrader4 to facilitate trading? What about selling of ERC20 Tokens? It is a question you will hear many times in the market.

The use of Ethereum Blockchain for trading and its history are a hot topic among traders, investors, and brokers today. With the platform of MetaTrader4, you can use these tokens easily trade and manage the tokens too. But you need to add tokens to MetaTrader4 so that it can be traded and used with MetaTrader4. In this article, you will learn how to add custom ERC20 Token to MetaTrader4.

Firstly, go to MetaTrader4 and click on the 'Currencies' option on the menu. From the drop down menu, select 'Currencies' and then choose 'More Currencies'. You can see a list of all the currencies you have available and if you have not add tokens to MetaTrader, then you can go to 'Add Currencies' option to add it. On the main MetaTrader page, you need to click on 'Currency' section and you will see a new section under the 'Currencies' section called 'Add Tokens' option.

You need to click on 'Smart Tools' section and you will find the option 'Token' there. There are two types of tokens here - 'ETH 'ERC20 Tokens'. You need to know what each of them is and how you can use them. ETH is an acronym for Ether, which is one of the most important forms of ERC20 token is actually a type of ERC20 token. Now that you know this, you can add the tokens to MetaTrader.

Go to 'Tokens' section and choose 'Ethereum'. Under this section, you can see the number of tokens available in the exchange. You can choose the one that you want to purchase and then you can check the price to confirm the transaction. You can also write the token name to confirm the transaction.

From 'Add Tokens' option, you can see 'ETH' to add tokens to MetaTrader. Click on it and after confirmation, it will show a transaction button that you can click on. If you don't see the button to confirm the transaction, you need to confirm your transaction. Once you confirm the transaction, the transaction will be transferred to the account that you specified, and this is how to add custom ERC20 Token to MetaTrader.

You can easily add tokens to MetaTrader using MetaTrader so that you can trade and manage them. You can add multiple tokens, such as ETH, to your MetaTrader account. Remember, MetaTrader is a very versatile tool that can do many things and you need to learn how to add ERC20 Tokens to MetaTrader so that you can use it in the best way possible.

A MetaTrader account should have at least one token, such as ETH, to enable you to trade with it. If you want to add tokens to MetaTrader, then go to MetaTrader account and choose 'Custom' as the resource section and add ERC20 tokens to your MetaTrader account.

Created on Jun 02, 2020

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