2024-05-18 10:23:49

📢 Dear CMG Players, we are thrilled to announce some exciting updates in the Crypto Mining Game (CMG)!

CryptoGamesToken (CGT) is Now Imagina (IMGA)!

🔄 The CryptoGamesToken (CGT) has been rebranded to Imagina (IMGA)! We have successfully migrated the smart contract, and all users' balances have been preserved during this process. You can now add the new token to your preferred wallet using the following contract address: 0xA0F05590a7fA9a802FE17310C52fAF680d3A727A

IMGA Listed on Uniswap!

📈 IMGA is now officially listed on Uniswap! You can easily swap your MATIC for IMGA, or vice versa, on the official Uniswap IMGA/MATIC pool. Check it out here: [Uniswap IMGA/MATIC Pool](Swap IMGA token on Uniswap!).

Deposit Your Imagina Token (IMGA) Now!

💼 You can now connect your wallet and deposit your Imagina tokens (IMGA)! Simply go to the wallet section in the top-right menu, connect your wallet, and follow the instructions in the "Deposit" tab to take advantage of your IMGA.

Purchase In-Game Items with IMGA!

🛒 Players can now purchase Biome packs and Gem packs with their valuable Imagina tokens (IMGA)! Head over to the shop, and you'll find that any fiat offer now has the option to be purchased with in-game IMGA. Enjoy the new way to spend and save with IMGA!

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the new features!

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