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Hacker Event until 19th, May ; Be ready for the Hacker's Mission Mini-Game!

Hacker Event until 19th, May ; Be ready for the Hacker's Mission Mini-Game!

Published on Apr 30, 2019

Thanks to the Hacker's Mission Event, Be ready for the Hacker's Mission Mini Game to come next week! Find out more!

Introducing Event!

Hi Guys, how are you?! Hope you'll enjoy this new event system we introduce starting from today!

Next week, willbe released the First Mini-Game where you will be able to play with your cards, expecially the Hacker Card for this one!

During more than 2 weeks, you will be able to boost your Hacker Card and get a lot of rewards!

  • At each mission claim, you will get 1 to {mission_level} Hacker Cards!
  • The hacker is hidden in the website, find him and he will give you a free chest, from Silver chest up to the Awesome Cards Chests, and free to open with no timer!
  • Some unexpected things will happen these next 20 days, so stay tuned!

What's Hacker's Mission Mini Game?!

Hacker's Mission will be the first Game where you will be able to play with your cards, especially with the Hacker Cards (one of the first to be released in the website).

As we know that the main Game Crypto Mining War take long time to come (and we can explain it to you for hours XD), we have decided to release some mini games where you can play the cards!

Another good news?... EACH CARDS will have it's own mini-games!!!!

First beta of Hacker's Mission game will be released on 7th, May (next week) and will be available for Patrons. Public stable release will be available for everyone around a month after that.

Why the Game Hacker's Mission is available only for Patrons first???

Themore a game is complex, the more it has to be tested. Patrons of Crypto Mining Game is a small community of some hundreds of player who support us and give us great returns in the games. We will be able to find bugs and improve the game to release a stable game at the end. Also, they pay for it, even starting from 1$, so it's quite normal ^^.

By the way dear patrons, to thank you for your awesome support, you will very soon receive 1000 Crypto Coinz and 100 Hacker Cards to help you improve the card for the mini-game, and, also, for fun!

Video! Video! Video!

Next Youtube video will be released tomorrow or Thursday, it will talk about the Hacker's event, the Quests system and some other things! :)

Have fun playing Crypto Mining Game,

Jamboom, CMG Owner.

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