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Useful infos about CMG V2.2

Useful infos about CMG V2.2

Published on Mar 02, 2021

Hi players! Here are some useful infos for players who don't really understand this update.

A Major Change

As we already have communicated about it, we know that this update is a major one, and some of you are surely "a little" (euphemism) lost about it. Here are some informations to help you understand what have changed.

All my coins have changed? Why?

Balance of the players have been converted to the new coinz. Each coinz are indexed in USD, where 10000 is referencing to 1$. So, if you had around 2035 Satoshi before the update, you should have now around 10000 Bitz, because 2035 worth 1$ at the time of the update. 

Here are the rates we have used, picked from CoinGecko :

1$ -> BTC 0,0000203534332985 -> 2035.34332985 Satoshi

1$ -> DOGE 19,5997726426373 -> 19.5997726426373 Doge

1$ -> LTC 0,0054770511556578 -> 547705.11556578 Litoshi

1$ -> DASH 0,0044142314822989 -> 441423.14822989 Dash Satoshi

1$ -> ETH 0,0006363671074569 -> 63636.71074569 Ether

1$ -> BCH 0,0018600152521251 -> 186001.52521251 Bch Satoshi

I can only withdraw Litz? Why?

As we have explained in the previous news, there will be a different coinz to withdraw each week. Withdrawals will occured in this order, starting from the first week of the year : Bitz -> Dogz -> Litz -> Dashz -> Etherz -> Bitcashz.

This week is Litz, next week will be Dashz, and so on.

What's this hardware stuff?

Hardware can be upgraded in your Workshop. It will increase your Mining power of 1% for each level.

What are those new ugly icons?

Loud and Clear! Those icons will be changed as soon as possible. The emergency of the update did not let us the time to correctly design them, apologies.


We remind you that a FAQ video will be posted about this update. More informations will come soon.

Wish you the best!

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